Living With Dancers

At Dance Victoria Studios we’ve been whisking away dust-bunnies caught in corners, beating rugs in the parking lot, scrubbing countertops until they gleam all in preparation for the twenty or more dancers poised to descend on us this weekend. It’s that time of year when we turn our attention to supporting the development of new dance works: works that will tour to Canadian and International stages in the next few years. Interesting new works by exciting dance makers. And you’re invited to catch free showings of these works-in-progress.

We have a total of three dance companies in residence this season. Below is a clip of a new work being created by Toronto choreographer Heidi Strauss entitled elsewhere. Strauss and her company of five dancers will be here for two weeks. There is a lot of excitement around this new work. Strauss has been singled out in recent months as someone to watch on the Toronto dance scene. This work has received support in the form of residencies from all corners of the country.

You are invited to see excerpts of this new work on Friday, February 7 at 2 pm for free at Dance Victoria Studios. Because there is limited seating we ask that you reserve in advance by contacting Elise at [email protected].

We’re also pleased to welcome local choreographer Connie Cooke and her company of four dancers working a new piece entitled Argon that will premiere at the Metro Studio in late February. Catch a sneak peek of the work in progress at Cooke’s studio (612 David Street – off Gorge) on Friday, February 7 at noon. Admission is free.

Wen Wei Wang will be in residence as well, working primarily with musician Qiu Xa Hu over two weeks with video artist Sammy Chien joining the process in the second week. Wang is putting together material that will be part of a new work entitled Made in Chinawhich is a collaboration with Beijing Modern Dance Company Artistic Director, Gao Yanjinzi. Gao is expecting a second child this spring thus is not making the long trek from China for this workshop. Wang is using his studio time to refine the live music and video. You can see an excerpt of this work for free on Saturday, February 8 in Dance Victoria’s Studios (2750 Quadra). Because of the limited seating available, we ask that you reserve your spot in advance by contacting Elise at [email protected]