First Days in Europe – A Travel Blog by Stephen White

Stephen White and Bill Hamar of Dance Victoria, departed for Prague Friday May 23 for one of their well known Dance Victoria Hosted Tours. Stephen will be keeping us up to date during their eighteen day tour. Take a look at the first blog entry:

My partner Bill Hamar and I are leading Dance Victoria’s cultural tour of the Hapsburg Capitals, Prague, Vienna and Budapest. We landed in Prague a couple of days ago and have been learning more about this beautiful medieval city via walking tours, a river cruise and general sightseeing.

Photo by Philomena Hanson of Victoria Arts Marketing
Photo by Philomena Hanson of Victoria Arts Marketing

We’re a good group of veteran travellers – forty in all, or as I like to quip, “About the size of a second grade class under the Christie Clark regime.” However – there are two of us guides and our friends are very happy to be here. The weather has been glorious. No thunderstorms although the weatherman threatens. One highlight was a traditional Czech dinner last night at a local pub that has been brewing beer since 1499. We were seated at one long table in a leafy courtyard and supped on dumplings, dumplings, a pork knuckle or two and more dumplings. The beer, though black as Guiness, was light on the palate and easy to drink!

Today, Bill and I headed up to castle hill to prepare for tomorrow’s tour. We were here in Prague a year ago to “scout” this tour, but it’s always good to reassess things so that when you’re pushing 40 people on and off the tram and getting them through the entrance gates, you can do it in an efficient and painless fashion.

Tonight we’re off to dinner at an intimate Michelin 1 Star restaurant nearby – a six-course menu replete with wine pairings. Thus far it has been a grand time – we’ll see how we fare after the train transfer to Vienna in a few days.