Artist Residency: Andrew Barrett #WOLFINTHEMIRROR

If you haven’t already heard via our social media streams, DV’s artist in residence this month, Andrew Barrett, is working on a new piece entitled Wolf In The Mirror. We asked Andrew three questions to provide some context and background on the piece which opens on June 20th at the Metro Studio Theatre.  Dance Victoria’s residency programs aim to foster and support artistic development of dance artists working in our community, and we are proud to partner with Andrew and his company of dancers in the creation of this piece.


What is Wolf in the Mirror?

WOLF IN THE MIRROR is a hybrid of dance and theatre set in a world of fantasy and shadow. The piece follows one woman’s journey as she gives herself into a dark magic and deals with the constraints of power and love.

How did it come about?

WOLF IN THE MIRROR was initially created as a twenty-minute piece for the Student Alternative Theatre Company in November of 2011. We had the chance to dive back into the work the following May where myself and 9 performers got a big truck full of loaned set pieces and went over to Vancouver to give a down and dirty version at the Firehall Arts Centre’s BC Buds Festival.

We then left the piece to its own accord, stewing and setting before beginning our first grant writing experience. The BC Arts Council granted us Project Assistance and we were able to jumpstart the process again. It’s grown a lot since its twenty-minute inception and has matured while in its hibernation.

How has Dance Victoria helped you with this project and what has the impact of this support been?

Dance Victoria has helped us through the use of space and with opportunities for community engagement. The studios are large and beautiful and allow us to choreograph with an exactitude compared to our performance venue that many rental studios in town are unable to achieve. Through teaming up with social media, we are able to engage with the public in a more informative way; allowing them to see the process through photos, videos, or showings.

Dance Victoria has been supportive of my work since our first interactions. I have had the opportunity to create and rehearse two full-length dance/theatre hybrids and was one of the two selected dance artists for the Lola Projects 2014 under the mentorship of Su-Feh Lee. I have had the chance to develop and explore my own artistry as a dance artist while remaining true to my theatrical core.

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