Find Mr Nutcracker in Oak Bay Village

Mr Nutcracker will perform in Alberta Ballet's The Nutcracker on Dec 4,5,6 at Royal Theatre
Mr Nutcracker

Find Mr. Nutcracker in Oak Bay Village

Mr. Nutcracker is arriving on November 12 via Helijet to prepare for his debut with Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet at the Royal Theatre from December 2 to 4. But before he goes into rehearsals, he needs to find the perfect gift for someone he admires very greatly. Each day he is going to let us know where he is in Oak Bay Village sending us a clue with photographic evidence.

Visit the Dance Victoria Facebook page and Instagram from November 12 to 27 for a daily clue of his whereabouts……

Be the first to find him on location in Oak Bay Village and you’ll win a pair of tickets to this spectacular and uniquely Canadian production of Nutcracker. If you spot him at all, you can enter into a draw for the Grand Prize of four tickets to Nutcracker and a dinner package.

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