April 3, 2020

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Heartnotes: A reminder that while we are temporarily staying apart and social distancing due to COVID-19, we are all still in this together.

Here’s our top 5 virtual experiences this week to help you feel connected while self-isolating from the comfort of your home:

  1. Dancing Alone Together – visit this amazing site for live streaming of dance classes, dance making and performances. The 30-Minute Stretch and Improv with Kathryn Florez of Fullstop Dance is in a couple of days.
  2. Local dance school, Dansko Studios, has created a virtual dance performance challenge and made CTV Morning Live in the process. After their year-end recital was cancelled, dancers created individual dance segments from their homes to create a virtual show. Visit Dansko’s Instagram.
  3. Travelzoo curated 20 stunning travel experiences you can have without leaving your home: The Louvre, Sydney Opera House, Volcanoes National Park and The Great Wall of China. You can deep sea dive in the Florida Keys or watch animals at the San Diego Zoo. Note: Watching a koala sleeping in a bamboo tree on your desktop while you work is very soothing!  
  4. Chatter Pack’s list of online, boredom-busting resources will keep you busy for days.
  5. In the mood for classical ballet or modern dance? From March 30 to April 5, the Paris Opera is airing Swan Lake (2019) from its archives online free of charge. Or watch Rose of Jericho by Andrew Skeels, Winner of the Grand Prix de la Critique in Paris. Skeels’ choreography is inspired by his classical background, improvisation contact and breakdance. In Rose of Jericho, he uses the Middle Eastern plant as a metaphor for cross-cultural pollination, between persistence and rebirth.


  • There is no firm deadline for subscription renewals as the Royal/McPherson Box Office is closed until April 14, 2020.
  • Email [email protected] to activate ticket refunds or donations for the cancelled Ballet BC and Tania Pérez-Salas Compañía de Danza performances. Ballet BC deadline: May 13, 5 p.m. | Tania Perez deadline: July 1, 5 p.m.

You’re in our hearts! Stay safe.