May 8, 2020

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Heartnotes: A reminder that while we are temporarily staying apart and social distancing due to COVID-19, we are all still in this together.


Join the Dance Victoria Tik Tok Dance Challenge

Tik Tok, the video-sharing social networking site used to create short dance, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos, has taken the world by storm – especially for its dance challenges. Literally millions of people post their dances for different challenges on the site.

A recent dance challenge to The Weeknd’s song, Blinding Lights, is one example. Not sure what we mean? Google “Tik Tok Blinding Lights challenge” and you’ll see! Millions of families are sharing their versions, from grandparents to toddlers busting out moves.

It’s worth watching this 10-minute YouTube video documenting the Fleming family from Ireland trying to learn the Blinding Lights dance with several outtakes. Their delightful Irish accents, hilarious outfit changes, and their father, Derry, trying to learn the toe-tapping, arm swimming, dance, is sure to have you in stitches. It’s the best family quarantine dance ever! 🙂 And Derry is such a good sport!

Eventually the family takes their kitchen dancing to the yard, which is where the magic happens. You can watch the video above or here. (@tadhgfleming’s channel includes them doing several dances including River Dance. Lol).


And now here’s our challenge to you! Perhaps you want to create your own version of the Blinding Lights dance challenge or you want to choose another dance with those in your quarantine circle. Whatever you choose to do, have fun!

1) Download Tik Tok from your Apps on your phone (or text yourself a link from the Tik Tok website.)
2) Watch some of the dance challenges.
3) Make a 30-second dance with yourself and quarantine partners (perhaps Blinding Lights if you feel inspired after watching the video or any other dance). It’s only 30 seconds. You can do this!
4) Post your dance and tag Dance Victoria (@dancevictoria) in your Tik Tok post by Thursday, May 14, 2020.

Don’t worry about it being perfect; we’re new to Tik Tok too! 🙂 Any ol’ dance moves will do! We’ll choose some of the dances to share in our new Tik Tok stream and on Instagram.

Most of all — have fun!
Stay safe everyone. You are in our thoughts.

Dance Victoria