Visible Bodies Collective

Lindsay Katsitsakatste Delaronde

Victoria-based Artists in Residence

Visible Bodies Collective, Lindsay Delaronde, residency

Born and raised on the Kahnawake reservation, Lindsay Katsitsakatste Delaronde has been a professional artist for the past five years. She began this journey by travelling to Vancouver to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design followed by a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Victoria. Recently, Delaronde completed her second Master’s degree in Indigenous Communities Counselling Psychology from the University.

Lindsay Delaronde is a multi-disciplinary visual artist who works in print-making, painting, drawing, video and performance. The intention of her work is to manifest the relationships between Indigenous and non-indigenous and also intercultural respect among allies, nation-to-nation. Currently, Delaronde is a self-employed artist and moccasin–maker in Victoria. She is a strong advocate for Indigenous voices, stories, culture and history.
Visible Bodies Collective is a newly formed inclusive group of Indigenous women who come from many nations and places across Turtle Island: Lindsay Delaronde (Kanienkehaka); Cheryl Henhawke (Kanienkehaha, Seneca); and Elowynn Rose (Metis). Their goal as a collective is to establish a process of working that integrates traditional indigenous worldview, ritual, drumming, dancing, singing and storytelling with contemporary western movement and theatre skills. They wish to develop a cohesive way of working that uses the body as the main vehicle of expression for contemporary ideas, issues and stories which incorporate mythic and ancient elements.

Cheryl Henhawke has been making work about healing for the past 25 years through and on-going work titled Wounded Bear, her healing journey has now brought her into an inquiry of how to transmute those wounds into empowering narratives. Through her contributions to the work we will witness the strength and resiliency of Indigenous womanhood. She has been danced contemporary dance at Raino Dance studio for 2 years and is now dancing at Seda Dance. She has also participated in Lindsay Delaronde’s projects since 2017.

Elowynn Rose brings with her diverse set of gifts and skills. She has been a dancer since the age of 8. She stopped dancing because of her search and quest to find her identity as an adopted child in the 80’s. She has dedicated her time grounding back in her personal journey and healing. She is finding resilience and power in her quest in finding herself. She is musically trained as a pianist and delves in different mediums such as; clowning, performance art, music and dance.