Racheal Prince & Brandon Lee Alley

Vancouver-based Artists in Residence

Racheal Prince and Brandon Lee Alley
Racheal Prince and Brandon Lee Alley

In January 2019, Brandon Lee Alley and Racheal Prince brought Dance//Novella to life with the intention to research and develop new dance works that move dance closer to humanistic nature. The Company aims to develop daring societal stories and concepts that challenge the performer and viewer, as well as ways to positively engage humanity in the 21st century. A large part of what inspires Dance//Novella is the idea of collaboration, not only with other dance artists but cross-disciplinary partnerships that foster growth and motivation for all artists involved.

In September 2019 D//N debuted “Imprinted” at 12 Minutes Max Vancouver. It was an in-depth look into coercion and its many synonyms. Dance//Novella has since made new works for Ballet BC’s Take Form, Lamondance Company, Alberta Ballet School and Arts Umbrella Prep. These works influenced the growth of Dance//Novella and were invaluable experiences.

Dance//Novella is proud to be Lamondance’s 2021/22 Resident Choreographer as well as Ballet BC’s Artist in Residence.

Currently, Dance//Novella has been collaborating with artists from the Deaf community. Together they are building an inclusive work that will be accessible for both a hearing and Deaf audience. D//N is extremely fortunate for the opportunity to collaborate with Chis Dodd (Director of Sound-OFF) Caroline Hébert, Anna- Belle Hébert and Nigel Howard.  Dance//Novella is grateful for generous support and opportunities provided by Dance Victoria.

Website: dancenovella.com

Instagram: @dance_novella

‘When The Walls Come Down’, a work-in-progress, by Racheal Prince and Brandon Lee Alley
‘Daughter’, a work-in-progress, by Racheal Prince and Brandon Lee Alley