Visible Bodies Collective

Victoria-based Collective in Residence

Visible Bodies Collective in Bury the Hatchet. Photo: Dean Kalyan
Visible Bodies Collective in Bury the Hatchet. Photo: Dean Kalyan

Visible Bodies Collective is a multidisciplinary embodiment practice grounded within global Indigenous ways and knowing and being. This shared collective of knowledge keepers engages in training, creation, and performance with an emphasis on somatic processing and structured improvisation. Their mission is to establish a collective process of working that expresses concepts of Indigenous epistemologies, spirituality, social and political justice, land-based dramaturgy, cultural resurgence, embodiment as revitalization of ancestral knowledge through traditional and contemporary dance and movement practice. Visible Bodies Collective engage the body as the main vehicle of political expression addressing among other things: social issues, intergenerational and ancestral healing. Their underlying desire is for transformation, and connection back to the teachings of mother earth, universal laws of nature and our sovereign bodies. Visible Bodies Collective gathers for restoration and nourishment of their spirits; mending past, present and future; weaving story, rhythm, and their natural abilities and intuition; to orate their diverse worldviews

Click here to learn about their Rough Cuts studio showing on January 22, 2023.

Visible Bodies Collective’s residency is supported in part by the Contribute to the Land Fund through the Victoria Foundation.