Sophie Dow in a hidden playground. Photo: Kiera Shaw
Sophie Dow in a hidden playground

2022 Dance Days Rough Cuts

January 27 – 30

Since 2010, Dance Victoria has introduced the public to exciting new works in development by its resident artists and Chrystal Dance Prize winners. In 2022, we presented six new pieces, in-person or livestreamed to your home, by artists who were among our 2021/22 resident artists. Audiences met the artists, shared their impressions in a facilitated conversation, ultimately contributing to the continued development of the artists’ vision. 

Rough Cuts

January 27, 2022

Sophie Dow in A Hidden Playground. Photo: Kiera Shaw

a hidden playground (working title)

Choreographer: Kiera Shaw
Performer: Sophie Dow

Inspired by embodied experiences of physical and imagined adventures, A Hidden Playground examines the position of a “rogue traveler.” By placing the interpreter in various literal and figurative images, the work has a silent, momentous strength, intentionally provoking the imagination to navigate surreal or supernatural experiences.


Rough Cuts

January 29, 2022
Dance Victoria Studios + Livestreamed

Kayla Henry

Luminaries (working title)

Choreographer/Performer: Kayla Henry (she/her)
Performer: Alia Saurini (she/her)
Musician/Collaborator: Finley Rose (they/them)

Kayla Henry’s new contemporary dance duet is inspired by mycelium, a network of underground fungal threads which act as a communication system for mushrooms. Mycelium is analogous to our own mammalian nervous system. As the two are inherently linked, our survival depends on them.

Rough Cuts

January 30, 2022
Dance Victoria Studios + Livestreamed

Visible Bodies Collective. Photo: Dean Kalyan, Kalyan Studios


Choreographer: Lindsay Delaronde & Visible Bodies Collective
Performers: Lindsay Delaronde & Visible Bodies Collective

Visible Bodies Collective enacted a collaborative process of performance creation that expresses and honors Indigenous and racialized women’s bodies, as sacred sites of memory, archives, knowledge, and wisdom. The collective created a 20-minute improv and somatic performance that was witnessed and held by audience and atmosphere.

Ralph Escamillan Photo: Joe Bulawan


Choreographer: FakeKnot/Ralph Escamillan
Performers: Ralph Escamillan & Tin Gamboa

Piña is an interdisciplinary dance work that brings together a carefully chosen collaborative team of costume designers, weavers, musicians and lighting designers. As a way to dissect and express Escamillan’s background as a first-generation Canadian-born Filipinx, this new work contemplates the parallels between the body and piña—a traditional Philippine fibre derived from pineapple leaves.


Kemi Craig

the space between

Choreographers: Kemi Craig, Lee Ingram, Tania Betiku
Performers: Lee Ingram, Tania Betiku

the space between is a multi-sensory performance layered with dance, analogue film and digital projection mapping. Local BIPOC dancers express lived experiences based on projections that people and systems place on our bodies as well expressions of what we are trying to project and how we want to be seen.


Amber Downie-Back

High Tide Low Tide

Choreographer: Amber Downie-Back
Performer: Amber Downie-Back
Composer/Collaborator: Angus Gaffney

High Tide Low Tide examines the erosive processes that shape and change objects and is embedded in a fervent curiosity of the idea of being adrift.

How are we shaped by the erosive processes of our own lives? How do we find a home in the tide?

Kayla Henry Luminaries
Kemi Craig the space between
Kiera Shaw and Sophie Dow
a hidden playground