2023 Dance Days Rough Cut Artists

One of the highlights during Dance Days is the opportunity to see new works-in-progress (aka Rough Cuts) by some of the west coast’s hottest dance artists and choreographers. All performances are followed by informal discussions where the artists answer your questions about the work that they’re creating. Rough Cuts performances are free and accessible to the public, with a suggested donation of $10. Want to attend one of the works below? RSVP online to reserve your seat beginning in January.

These Rough Cuts will be presented at Dance Victoria Studios (2750 Quadra Street) on January 22, 2023. Each performance was approximately 20 minutes followed by discussion.

Rough Cuts

Sunday January 22, 2023

Mouth to Mouth. Photo courtesy of Luciana Freire D’Anunciação & Kelly McInnes

Mouth to Mouth

Choreographers: Luciana Freire D’Anunciação & Kelly McInnes

A work-in-progress duet celebrating our animality, sensuality, biological cycles and interdependence with all living beings. Inspired by symbiosis, interspecies kinship and reciprocal ecology, the duo unfolds through ongoing encounters and evolutions; becoming other; becoming-with. RSVP now.

Visible Bodies Collective in Bury the Hatchet. Photo: Dean Kalyan

New Work

Choreographers & Performers: Visible Bodies Collective

Visible Bodies Collective, founded by Lindsay Delaronde (Kanienkehaka) and co-founders Cheryl Henhawke (Kanienkehaha, Seneca), Elowynn Rose (Metis), and Nicole Mandryk (Anishinaabe, Ukrainian), is an inter-cultural, inter-generational group of BIPOC artists and dancers, who come from many nations and places across Turtle Island. Their core value is creating safe spaces for Indigenous women to research, create, and perform. They will share a new work that weaves story and rhythm to heal past, present and future, and to orate their experiences. RSVP now.

Kemi Craig

Bearing Witness

Choreographer: Kemi Craig

Bearing Witness uses choreography, improvisational dance, sensory responsive technology, and audience engagement to amplify the connection between spectatorship and performativity. During her Dance Victoria residency, Kemi Craig collaborated with multimedia artist/entrepreneur Justin Love to learn coding electronics which respond to movement and sound, and these technologies inform her work. RSVP now.