2020/21 CDP winner - Ralph Escamillan. Photo: David Cooper

Chrystal Dance Prize - Projects

Apply now! Deadline October 15.

Dance Victoria is now accepting expressions of interest from dance artists, companies and collectives in Western Canada for the Chrystal Dance Prize – Projects. The Chrystal Dance Prize – Projects supports exceptional dance research and/or creation between a Western Canadian dance artist, collectives or companies and an international dance artist(s), interpreter, or choreographer. 

Dance Victoria will award $44,000 in the Chrystal Dance Prize – Projects category. The prize money may be allocated across multiple projects or can be awarded for a single project. 

Deadline: Oct 15, 2021, 5 pm PDT

Read our guidelines and application procedure.

Read about last year’s winners of the Chrystal Dance Prize – Projects.

Ralph Escamillan. Photo: David Cooper
Ralph Escamillan. Photo: David Cooper
OURO Collective
OURO Collective. Photo: Abhishek Joshi
OURO Collective
OURO Collective

2021/22 Guidelines and Application Procedure

Applications for 2021/22 are now being accepted. Deadline is Oct, 15, 2021.

Concussion by Stacey Horton. Photo: Maureen Bradley
Stacey Horton

History of the Chrystal Dance Prize

The prize is funded through an annual disbursement from the Chrystal Dance Fund held at the Victoria Foundation. Learn about Dr. Betty “Chrystal” Kleiman and past winners.