Isak Enquist and Eowynn Enquist. Photo: Lula-Belle Jedynak
Isak Enquist and Eowynn Enquist. Photo: Lula-Belle Jedynak


Artistic Development and Outreach

Over time, Dance Victoria Studios has grown to become a choreographic centre. Offering access to our studios and financial support to independent dance artists is an opportunity to contribute to the vitality of the sector. New improvements to the studios in 2022 further enhanced its adaptability for filmmaking, livestreamed and in-person performance.

Each May, Dance Victoria calls for proposals from the creative community for paid residencies for independent dance artists and collectives residing in B.C. The Artist Residency Program includes access to Dance Victoria’s newly-upgraded Quadra Village studios, mentorship, and a direct financial contribution. Dance Victoria’s goal is to enable choreographers from diverse backgrounds, experience levels (emerging to established), and disciplines to develop their artistic vision through research/exploration, creation, outreach, and performance. 

Dance Victoria has a long history of support for the development of new work through its creative residency program. Residencies take all shapes and forms dependent on artist needs and available resources.

2023/24 Resident Artists
Fiana Kawane. Photo: Devansh Jhaveri
2022/23 Resident Artists
Kemi Craig. Photo: Katherine Myerscouch
2021/22 Resident Artists
Racheal Prince,residency
2020/21 Resident Artists
Visible Bodies Collective. Photo: Dean Kalyan, Kalyan Studios

Some of our previous resident artists…