Choreography Walk

Dance Days 2019

Choreography Walk, Vancouver
Choreography Walk, Vancouver








The Choreography Walk, devised by Justine A. Chambers, is a 60-minute walk through downtown Victoria. The walk focuses the participant’s attention to the ways in which their specific environment moves their body in relation to architecture, urban planning, and natural topography.

This is a call for the artists to consider the social choreographies found in the everyday, and offer a gentle intervention on these daily movements. The pedestrian, the seemingly banal, and the patterns and constellations of quotidian life are offered up to walk participants and passers-by as a way to reconsider how they move in, and are moved by, the world around them. Participants on the walk will not stop to watch the choreographies, but instead each work will be made to be seen on approach and in passing. These choreographies ask that the artist develop a fleeting work that responds to: ‘choreography as a way of seeing the world” or “choreography as a way of being in the world”.

Dance Victoria will engage four choreographers to work with Justine A. Chambers and Susan Elliott in the development of a Choreography Walk to be presented during Dance Days 2019. Chambers and Elliott will map a walk in the autumn of 2018, and Elliott will work as an outside eye for each of the choreographers. The walk through downtown Victoria will last about an hour and will be made available to the public and visiting presenters. It is anticipated that there will be three walks over two days, Saturday and Sunday January 26 and 27.

Dance Victoria will provide an honorarium of $1,000 for each choreographer and studio space for the development and rehearsal of each piece, at no charge.

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