Welcome to Dance Days 2019

Jan 18 – 27, 2019

Find out about all Dance Days events on our calendar here including FREE classes at studios all around town.

Now in its 10th year, Dance Days is a unique, “experiential” event. Over ten days each January, the public is invited to participate in free classes at studios all over the city; watch demonstrations of dance, such as flamenco, belly dance or ballet; see new professional work in development by Victoria and Vancouver artists; participate in discussions and roundtables; and meet and mingle with artists and dance presenters.

Rough Cuts • Metro Studio Theatre + Intrepid Theatre Club
January 25 + 26, 2019.
Rough Cuts are informal showings performed under work lights and without costume or makeup. Join a group of visiting dance presenters from across the country and participate in a meaningful discussion with the artists.

Sølvi Edvardsen’s MAN • McPherson Playhouse
January 25, 2019. *One performance only*
In MAN, Adhana uses only a small sitting stool as his partner to embody the struggles of a bicultural identity, while considering who is he? Where does he come from? At the heart of the work is Edvardsen’s exploration of how we put limits on ourselves based on our life experiences.

Dance Days 2019 Rough Cuts

Justine Chambers. Photo: Ryan Collerd
Justine Chambers

Choreography Walk 

January 26 • Saturday • 10:00 am
January 27 • Sunday • 2:00 pm 

* Both Walks are NOW FULL. A waiting list is being taken for the Sunday 2PM Walk.

Meet at the Atrium (corner of Yates and Blanshard)   |  Suggested donation: $15 (at the door) 

The Choreography Walk, created by Justine A. Chambers, is a 60-minute walk through downtown Victoria during Dance Days 2019. The walk will begin and end at the Atrium. Four local dance artists have been commissioned to develop choreographies for the walk. Participants and passers-by will reconsider how they move in and are moved by the world around them in relation to architecture, street life, urban planning and natural topography. Walkers won’t stop to watch the choreographies. Instead each work will be experienced on approach and in passing. Visit DanceVictoria.com for more information.

Limited capacity. Want to attend? RSVP to rsvp@dancevictoria.com with “Walk” in the subject line.

Dance Days 2018 Presenters’ Roundtable

Presenters’ Roundtable 

January 26 • Saturday • 11:15 am 

MacPherson Playhouse Lobby   |  Free 

Join facilitator Dr. Allana Lindgren and guest artists Sølvi Edvardsen and Sudesh Adhana in a lively and enriching conversation about the state of contemporary dance in the Nordic countries and India. Attended by local dance artists and visiting dance presenters, this roundtable promises to provide unique insights to the life of a dance artist.

Limited capacity. Want to attend? RSVP to rsvp@dancevictoria.com with “Roundtable” in the subject line.

Stacey Horton in Concussion. Photo: Gillian Davidson
Stacey Horton in Concussion

Rough Cut: Concussion 
January 26 • Saturday • 2:00 pm*

* All Concussion performances are full. Some seats may be available at the door.

January 24 • Thursday • 7:00 pm
January 25 • Friday • 7:00 pm
January 26 • Saturday • 7:00 pm

Intrepid Theatre  |  Suggested donation $15 (at the door) 

Choreographer: Stacey Horton, Victoria
Performers: Stacey Horton, David Parfit
Creative Team: Catherine Hahn (Designer); Kevin Kerr (Writer) and David Parfit (Sound/Tonal Designer) 

Inspired and informed by Horton’s personal experience, Concussion uses dance, music and voice to evoke the disorienting, frightening experience of coping with multiple concussions. Ping pong balls scatter around the stage, representing disparate memories, and anyone whose life has been touched by concussion—or indeed by brain conditions such as dementia, stroke, or traumatic brain injuries—will relate to this nuanced, at times humorous, and always-honest tale of memory, loss, trauma, making connections, and accepting change.

Concussion was graciously supported by Dance Victoria’s 2018 Chrystal Dance Award, and premiered in Berlin in August 2018 at ada studio.

Want to attend? Make a reservation at concussiondance@gmail.com with “Concussion” in the subject line.

8bitself by Mahaila Patterson-O'Brien. Photo: jucoVisualArts
8bitself by Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien

Rough Cut: 8bitself (2017)

January 25 • Friday • 2:00 pm 

Metro Studio Theatre   |  Suggested donation $15 (at the door) 

Choreographer: Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien, Vancouver
Performers: Felicia Lau, Erika Mitsuhashi
Sound & Projectors: Remy Siu 

They may be masked, hidden or exposed by light. They are precise, they rarely devolve. They never emote. They are a blank canvas of abstract gesture, time and space. They are just a version of themselves, once a version of someone else. They are looking for the pleasure in the emptiness.

Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien is an emerging choreographer in Vancouver, BC. She holds a BFA (Hons.) in Dance from SFU School for the Contemporary Arts and studied at the School for Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg, MB, and at The University of Winnipeg. Patterson-O’Brien participated in Dance Victoria’s inaugural Summer Choreographic Lab in 2017 under the mentorship of Wen Wei Wang. Her choreography often revolves around abstract gestures and projections.

Want to attend? RSVP to rsvp@dancevictoria.com with “8bitself” in the subject line.

Self Portrait by Julianne Chapple. Photo: Andi McLeish
Self Portrait by Julianne Chapple

Rough CutSelf Portrait (2016)

January 25 • Friday • 4:00 pm 

Metro Studio Theatre   |  Suggested donation $15 (at the door)  

Choreographer: Julianne Chapple
Performers: Julianne Chapple, Maxine Chadburn, Francesca Frewer

Self Portrait is a study of identity as an ever-changing and imperfect narrative based in memory. Created in residence at EDAM Dance.

Julianne Chapple’s work explores surreal imagery, objecthood and memory. Drawing on a history of performed movement including circus acrobatics and performance art as well as classical and contemporary dance forms, the edges of the body’s mobility is explored and exploited often to the effect of depersonalizing and fragmenting the human form.

Want to attend? RSVP to rsvp@dancevictoria.com with “Portrait” in the subject line.

MAN by Sølvi Edvardsen. Dancer: Sudesh Adhana. Photo: Trine Kim Designstudio.
MAN by Sølvi Edvardsen

Rough Cut: untamed donkeys 

January 26 • Saturday • 3:30 pm 

Metro Studio Theatre   |  Suggested donation $15 (at the door)  

Choreographer: Sudesh Adhana, Norway
Performer: Sudesh Adhana 

untamed donkeys is an outdoor performance created by Adhana with seven dancers of Indian origin. It premiered in Oslo, Norway in June 2016. After a five-city Norwegian tour, the piece played a variety of public squares in New Delhi, India for six more performances. untamed donkeys is a reaction to recent crimes against women in India. Adhana challenged himself to get at the root of this behaviour, questioning what would motivate a man to behave to inflict sexual violence. Using images from the performances and solo movement, Adhana will introduce the audience to the work.

Sudesh Adhana was born and raised in Faridabad, India. He studied contemporary dance at the National Academy in 2009. He has also studied traditional Indian dance genres, Chhau and Kathakali. An early project by Norwegian choreographer, Sølvi Edvardsen brought him to Norway. Now based in Eina, Norway, Adhana works as a freelance dancer and choreographer. He will perform MAN by Norwegian choreographer Sølvi Edvardsen on January 25, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. at the McPherson Playhouse.

Want to attend? RSVP to rsvp@dancevictoria.com with “untamed donkeys” in the subject line.

Rage Flowers (Supernova) by Lindsay Delaronde. Photo: Peruzzo
Rage Flowers by Lindsay Delaronde

Rough Cut: Supernova (Excerpt)

January 26 • Saturday • 5:15 pm  

Metro Studio Theatre   |  Suggested donation $15 (at the door) 

Manitoo: the moon gives her prayers (10 mins)
Performer: Erynne Gilpin
Choreographer: Erynne Gilpin
Music performed/created by Erynne Gilpin: Manitoo; Kisemanitoo; Talking with Grandmothers

Bush Lady (10 mins)
Vision/Performer: Lindsay Delaronde
Song: Bush Lady Part 1 Alanis O
Director: Monique Salez
Music: Bush Lady (Part 1) by Alanis Obomsawin
Costumes creation: Teka’tsitsane:ken Everstz

The City of Victoria’s Indigenous Artist in Residence, Lindsay Delaronde will show a section from her second Indigenous Showcase entitled Supernova that plays the Belfry Theatre in early January. Supernova emerged through research into Indigenous mythology and creation stories. In this excerpt of the larger work Delaronde will share performances that invite new pathways for healing the spirit.

Delaronde was born and raised on the Kahnawake reservation and has lived on Canada’s west coast for 13 years. She is a multi-disciplinary artist and facilitator of traditional workshops and holds Masters in Fine Arts and in Indigenous Communities Counseling Psychology from the University of Victoria.

Want to attend? RSVP to rsvp@dancevictoria.com with “Supernova” in the subject line.