“Let It Move You” Dance Video Contest

We are pleased to announce the winner of the $500 Audience Favourite Award is Vitor Freitas! Congrats Vitor.

Below you can see the finalists of our “Let It Move You” Dance Video Contest. Each film begins with the choreographer’s statement to give you some context for his/her work. There is a broad range of dance styles, ethnicities, dance experience and themes presented in the 10 films, which was exactly the intent of this Dance Days contest. We featured one new film each day from January 15 to January 25, 2021. Voting was open until midnight, January 31.

Thank you to all of our Dance Days filmmakers for making this contest such a success.

Dance Days – It’ll Move You!

Available Jan 15

Shion Skye Carter

Available Jan 16

Genevieve Johnson

Available Jan 17

Kelly Schaecher & Sasha Taylor

Available Jan 18

Daria Mikhaylyuk

Available Jan 19

Nick Benz

Available Jan 20

Dee-Dee Martinez

Available Jan 21

Vitor Freitas

Available Jan 22

Meshake Lusolo

Available Jan 23

Angela Frattaroli

Available Jan 24

Helen Dang & Karina Chumachenko

January 15  |  Shion Skye Carter

January 16  |  Genevieve Johnson

January 17  |  Kelly Schaecher & Sasha Taylor

January 18  |  Daria Mikhaylyuk

January 19  |  Nick Benz

January 20  |  Dee-Dee Martinez

January 21  |  Vitor Freitas

January 22  |  Meshake Lusolo

January 23  |  Angela Frattaroli

January 24  |  Helen Dang & Karina Chumachenko

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