How to submit your Free Dance Days Event

Dance Days 2021

Welcome to the Dance Days Online Calendar

The Dance Days calendar is online only to ensure the information is current and up-to-date. It also gives you the freedom to update your listings as required. You can also print out a genre of classes or classes from a particular studio as a PDF.

We will create marketing materials to promote the online calendar and distribute them in the community. Please submit your free Dance Days event (occurring Jan 15-25 inclusive) by Tuesday, December 15, 2020. Submissions received after this date may not be accepted.

The direct link to the calendar is:

Please note:

  • Before beginning the following instructions, save image(s) for your event(s) on your desktop for uploading. Images should be no larger than 3 MB. Your image will be automatically displayed at 448 by 319 pixels in your listing.
  • Complete the online form all at once, as the application will time out after a period of time for security reasons (i.e., if you leave the form open and are inactive after several minutes) and you could lose your entry information.
  • We recommend creating your content in a Word document first and cutting and pasting your listing information into the form so that you have a back-up if you run into issues.
  • Dance Victoria may edit your content for consistency and formatting purposes.

To create your personal account:

To submit your classes and events, you need to create an account once.
Your password-protected account gives you access to edit and change your Dance Days events as needed.

  1. Go to and then click on the Submit an Event” button.
    • You will be taken to the Your Account page where you can choose from: “I already have an account…” or “I do not have an account and would like to create one.
  2. When creating a new account, fill out the form and check the I am not a robot” checkbox.
    • An automated email notification will be sent to your email address (which you provided in the form).
    • Open your email message and click the link to confirm your email.
  3. Once your email has been confirmed, you will be taken to the Successfully Confirmed Account page.
    • Click on the Continue to Submit Event” button. This will take you to the Event Submissions Terms & Conditions page.
    • Click on the I Agree” button.
  4. On the Dance Days Calendar Dashboard, click on the Submit an Event” button and you’re off to the races!

When you complete the form for your event:

Complete the online form making sure to complete all of the mandatory fields indicated with an asterisk (*).

  •  Note: “Event Summary” is a brief summary of your event (e.g. a 10-word description) that Dance Victoria may edit for display purposes, whereas “Event Description is the full text listing.
  • Website URL: Your website link will only work if it is preceded with http:// (or https://) e.g.
    • We suggest you go to your website in your browser, copy the entire URL from the search bar.
  • Social media links: A complete URL is also necessary for your social media links. e.g.
  • Photo upload: You must complete this three-step process to upload your photo successfully:
    1. Select the Browse…” button and choose your photo.
    2. Then click the GREENUpload” button.
      Note: Your image will be displayed at 448 by 319 pixels.
    3. Then scroll down and click the BLUE Preview” button at the bottom of the page.

The Preview screen allows you to review your text details, though not the full layout with the photo (Your image will not be shown until Dance Victoria approves your posting.)

Finally, click on the BLUESubmit” button at the bottom of page to send your listing to Dance Victoria.

Dance Victoria will receive an email that you have submitted an event. We will contact you if you have questions. Otherwise, once we publish the event to the calendar, you will be notified by email.

Submitting or editing event listings:

  1. Go to and then click on the “Submit an Event” button and log in.
  2. Complete your next submission as you did the first one.
  3. To edit your event listing, log in to the calendar, select My Events, find your listing and select the pen icon to open the online form to edit it. *Be sure to select Preview and Submit for your changes to take effect. Once Dance Victoria approves your edits, they will be published on our website and you will once again receive a confirmation email.

* Please note that you may receive “edit notifications” even when you haven’t made an edit yourself. This is the Dance Victoria Website Administrator making an edit, such as fixing broken links or making minor text edits to better serve the website format.
You may contact Dance Victoria with any questions or concerns at [email protected]

Thank you! We hope that you like this functionality that allows you to submit events to the online Dance Days calendar. We look forward to reviewing your event!


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