Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Mixed Repertoire Untitled America The Winter in Lisbon Mass Ella


Tue. May. 1 • 8pm

You don’t just see an Ailey performance, you feel it.
Engage your emotions when Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater returns with a beautiful program of four works that will leave you inspired.

* Only Canadian stop in 2018 *

Untitled America – featuring haunting music and raw interviews with ex-convicts and their families, this unflinching look at the impact of the prison system on African-Americans has movement that is “potent and explosive and wonderfully of the moment.” –The New York Times

“It draws power, expressive and historical, from the work song ‘No More My Lord,’ recorded in a Southern prison in the 1940s…dancers emerge to kneel and touch the ground…so that bodies accumulate with hands clasped behind their backs as if bound. … Mr. Abraham’s vocabulary, with its rich mix of street and studio suggesting a body at war with itself, is potent and explosive and wonderfully of the moment.” – The New York Times

The Winter in Lisbon – Billy Wilson’s “heartfelt tribute to Dizzy Gillespie, a riot of color and rhythm” (The New York Times), on the occasion of the centennial of the late, great jazz trumpeter and composer.

“The Winter in Lisbon sparkled …sultry and slinky, snazzy and cool, and all-around lowdown and hot. Dancers slid and rolled through easy going pirouettes, fan kicks, and hip thrusting turns… Both sexy and fun, it showed off easy virtuosity.” – DC Metro Theater

Premiere of Robert Battle’s Mass – “the genesis of this work came to me while seeing Verdi’s Requiem. I found myself utterly absorbed in the intricacies of how the choir moved as a unit. I began creating the movement you will see by deconstructing the chorus,” explains Mr. Battle. Performed to John Mackey’s percussion score.

Premiere of Robert Battle’s Ella – “Those in search of sheer bravura hijinks will find it in Ella, in which a pair of dancers try to match the manic virtuosity of Ella Fitzgerald, as heard in her mind-blowing recording of ‘Airmail Special.’” – Chicago Sun-Times

“…fast, ferocious and playful to the max…”Chicago Tribune

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