Balance and Imbalance by Bereishit Dance Company. Photo: Robert Torres
Balance and Imbalance by Bereishit Dance Company. Photo: Robert Torres

Bereishit Dance Company

Balance & Imbalance


  • Thur. 5pm until Sun. 10pm

Virtual Home Season

  • South Korea
  • Soon-ho Park
  • Act 1: 30 min | Act 2: 30 min

The intensely physical Balance and Imbalance features brilliant and fun interplay among five contemporary dancers, a pair of Korean traditional drummers, and one traditional pansori (musical storytelling) singer. Together they express the dialectic of human relationships revolving continuously around the wheel of opposition and harmony.

BOW_Control, a rigorous male duet inspired by the tradition of archery, blurs the boundaries of sport and dance. The bow and arrow show states of tension and relaxation to demonstrate will and determination, and thoughts and struggles of one’s self with one’s alter ego.

“Mr. Park seems more interested in offering something unfamiliar than in telling us exactly what to see. What comes across is a sense of the ancient propelling the new. ‘BOW’ transferring the elegant apparatus between them, they play with tension and release, at one point creating the strange illusion of sewing their body together.”


Balance and Imbalance

  • Bytom, 2011
  • Soon-ho Park
  • Cheol-in Jeong, Da-som Lee, Jae-woo Jung, Ji-soo Ryu, So-yeon Kim
  • Traditional Korean Percussion + Pansori Sugungga
  • Dong-sik Lim, Sung-gun Park
  • Seo-hee Lee
  • Fernando Velloso + Paulo Pederneiras
  • Seong-heon Lee


  • 2014
  • Soon-ho Park
  • Cheol-in Jeong, Jae-woo Jung, Ji-soo Ryu
  • The National Gugak Center Music Group + Gayageum Musician
  • Young-kil Kim, Jse-ha Lee, Su-ha Jang, Oh-hoon Lee, Won-young Shin
  • Kyoung-so Park
  • Seong-heon Lee
  • In-sook Choi
  • Jung-ho Kim
Preview of Balance & Imbalance
Preview of BOW_Control

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