Compagnie Kafig. Photo: Michel Cavalca

Compagnie Käfig

Käfig Brasil

  • 7:30pm
  • 7:30pm

In 2012, French choreographer Mourad Merzouki created Käfig Brasil with 11 gifted male dancers from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, fusing hip-hop with capoeira, samba and acrobatics. Käfig Brasil is a unique rhythmic and muscular dance that’s packed with surprising imagery, tight unison and virtuosic movement. Like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

The Käfig company found its artistic dimension within the fusion of styles. It combines a sense of humour with gravity and flavors its works with the hop hop vocabulary as well as a spirit that is open to other choreographic and artistic languages. With hop hop dance, the members of the company have, each in their own way, progressively trained themselves and have enriched a vocabulary. From 1996 many training and creation projects developed. By avoiding all the social stereotypes, the company has managed to assert a unique style that has not denied its origins, and has enabled the hip hop movement to win over audiences whose origins are as diverse as those of the dancers themselves. The shows remain however entertaining. Their rhythm gives impetus to a colored dance, a dreamlike and sensitive universe that wins the assent of the audience.

The work is “animated by waves of energy, as if volts of electricity were travelling from muscle to muscle and limb to limb. Then that tightly controlled power explodes into fireworks.”