Grupo Corpo (Brazil)

Dança Sinfônica

Rodrigo Pederneiras
Tom Zé, José Miguel Wisnik, Marco Antônio Guimarães
Set / Scenography
Fernando Velloso, Paulo Pederneiras
Paulo Pederneiras, Gabriel Pederneiras
Freusa Zechmeister
Act 1: 42 minutes, Act 2: 42 minutes

Performance Dates

Thu. Feb. 25 • Available 5pm

Fri. Feb. 26 • All Day

Sat. Feb. 27 • All Day

Sun. Feb. 28 • Ends 10pm

Parabelo – corruption of parabélum, German made automatic pistol. From the Latin ‘Sivis pacem para bellum’ – ‘If you wish peace, be prepared for war.”

Regional, contemporary, Brazilian, universal. Choreographer Rodrigo Pederneiras calls Parabelo “the most Brazilian and the most regional” of all of his creations. This single ballet of insurmountable beauty is a scenic, genuinely Brazilian interpretation of the nine themes of Zé and Wisnik’s soundtrack of the same name, blending references to traditional Portuguese dance (xaxado) and Brazilian dance (baião). It is mulatto, carafuz, mameluke. It’s mestizo, it’s Brazilian. It is the sun hitting hard on the leather hats and on the dry earth. It smells of sweat and of hard work and of pleasant, pleasurable perspiration. It sounds like a lazy, relaxed forró, a working chant, grievance. It is penetrating and shiny. It is parabelo.

. . . . . . . . . .

Created in 2015, to commemorate Grupo Corpo’s 40th anniversary, Dança Sinfônica is a recreation of memories of Rodrigo Pederneiras’ best representations of a whole vocabulary of movements, written over 30 years of residence as the company’s choreographer.

Showcasing the company’s stylistic range and performed to music by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Minas Gerais, Dança Sinfônica is cascading lyricism, woven with references to characters and eras that, on or off the stage, have marked the history of Grupo Corpo. The tapestry of memories lends highly charged emotions to the work, reaching a climax in an exquisite pas-de-deux spiral, reputed by its creator as among the best that he has ever worked on.

“A delectable blend of polished technical precision and juicy, loose-limbed muscularity.” BOSTON GLOBE

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PARABELO by Grupo Corpo. Photo: Jose Luiz Pederneiras

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In Conversation

Rodrigo Pederneiras. Photo: Jose Luiz Pederneiras

Watch Dr. Allana Lindgren in conversation with Grupo Corpo’s Resident Choreographer Rodrigo Pederneiras and Executive Producer Michelle Deslandes for insights and background information about the show.

Watch Together/Chat After (optional)

Danca Sinfonica by Grupo Corpo. Photo: Jose Luiz Pederneiras

Saturday, February 27 • 5PM PST

Join Dance Victoria’s Executive Producer Stephen White, Kimberley Cooper (Artistic Director and principal choreographer at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks), dance presenter Brian Webb (Brian Webb Dance Company) and dance mama Lynda Raino for an informative discussion about Grupo Corpo.

Deadline for registration: 12 pm Friday February 26.

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