Revisor by Kidd Pivot. Photo: Michael Slobodian
Revisor by Kidd Pivot. Photo: Michael Slobodian

Kidd Pivot


  • 7:30pm
  • 7:30pm
  • Vancouver
  • Jonathon Young
  • Owen Belton, Alessandro Juliani, Meg Roe
  • Jay Gower Taylor
  • Tom Visser
  • Nancy Bryant
  • 1h 55 min

Jonathon Young and Crystal Pite revise an archetypal comic plot to serve as the basis for choreography in a true hybrid of contemporary theatre and dance. In Revisor, nine Kidd Pivot dancers embody the recorded dialogue of some of Canada’s finest actors, exploring conflict, comedy and corruption in the potent relationship between language and the body. From the creators of the internationally acclaimed Betroffenheit (winner of the Olivier Award for Best New Dance Production).

Revisor is commissioned in part by Dance Victoria through the Chrystal Dance Fund and the financial support of several local donors in our community

Stunning work… every element in this remarkable piece contributes to its dynamic synthesis of movement, voice and text, light, sound, set and the imaginative vision of its creators.

Kidd Pivot’s Revisor — Co-commissioned by Dance Victoria
Trailer for Kidd Pivot’s Revisor

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