Tania Pérez-Salas Compañía de Danza

3.Catorce Dieciséis (3.Fourteen Sixteen)


Fri. May. 1 • 730pm

Sat. May. 2 • 730pm

CANCELLED due to ban by BC Government due to COVID-19

Innovative. Theatrical. Raw. Personal. These are only a few adjectives that have been used to describe the work of Tania Pérez-Salas, Mexico’s leading contemporary choreographer. In Ex-Stasis, Perez-Salas explores trusting our instincts to let the body communicate with the mind. 3.Catorce Dieciséis (3.Fourteen Sixteen) draws inspiration from the number Pi to reflect on the circularity of our movement through life. With intense theatricality and breathtaking imagery set to music by Vivaldi and other Baroque composers, 3.Catorce Dieciséis (3.Fourteen Sixteen) is a joyful feast for the senses.

“Exquisite lighting and provocative visual design characterize each piece, and it is the imagery that stays with the viewer long after the movement fades.” THE BOSTON GLOBE

Season sponsor: Derma Spa
Presenting sponsor: Modev Construction Ltd.