The Mars Hotel

Metro Studio Theatre

Bold. Intimate. Affordable.

January 27 & 28, 2017

Performed by Ziyian Kwan & Noam Gagnon, accompanied by jazz trio, Handmade Blade.

In 2015, the accomplished dance artist, Ziyian Kwan, was commissioned to create a dance work using PW Brightman’s flash fiction, The Mars Hotel, as the inspiration. She pulled together Vancouver’s top musicians (cellist Peggy Lee, trumpeter JP Carter and guitarist Aram Bajakian) and her old friend Noam Gagnon. Remarkably, despite long and distinguished international careers, Kwan and Gagnon had never danced together. The result is pure magic. A funny, touching and thoughtful portrayal of romantic love performed to an original score played live. *VICTORIA BONUS: The band will play a full 20-minute set before the 40-minute dance performance of The Mars Hotel.

“ unapologetically promiscuous, polymorphous and perverse – Kwan’s queer take on love in The Mars Hotel is that she is interested in exploring its tropes in a manner that is deliberately askew, one that resists any totalizing grand narrative in favour of a slow accretion of episodes that are consistently off-kilter, that keep us off-balance and throw us off-course.   –Peter Dickinson, Performance, Place & Politics

Performances: Friday Jan 27 + Saturday Jan 28 @ 730pm, Metro Studio Theatre.
Tickets:  $25*
Available at McPherson box office (Pandora & Government) or online here.
* a $3.50 box office service charge will be charged per ticket

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