Luminaries by Noble Riot. Dancers: Alia Saurini, Finley Rose, Kayla Henry. Photo: Joshua Lawrence
Luminaries by Noble Riot. Photo: Joshua Lawrence




  • 7:00pm
  • 1:00pm
  • 7:00pm
  • Victoria and Vienna
  • Kayla Henry, Christina Medina, Constance Cooke

Dance Victoria and Noble Riot Dance Theatre co-present KIN, a double-bill of contemporary dance – a confluence of relentless physicality, resilience, transformation, and live music.
Illuminating hopeful ways forward, Luminaries and Kairos explore the precarious present, while reimagining a future in our relationships with one another and this land.

Luminaries is co-choreographed by Victoria based dancer artist, Kayla Henry, and Vienna based choreographer, Christina Medina. The creation for this project was supported by CRD Arts & Culture, Studio H Canada, The Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna, and Dance Victoria’s Chrystal Dance Prize and Artist Residencies.
Luminaries draws inspiration from mycelium, a network of underground fungal threads which act as a communication system for mushrooms. Mycelium is analogous to our own mammalian nervous systems. Prompted by bioluminescent fungi and insects, bursts of light reveal glimmers of human connection.
Luminaries is deeply inspired by athletic physicality, acrobatics, and live music.

Kairos is choreographed by local choreographer, Constance Cooke, and is an ensemble work for 5 dancers which delves into evolutionary clusters. Throughout the work we witness negotiation, cooperation, re-organization, and invention. We see hope turn to agency when all are invested. The piece explores the motifs of vigilance, ritual, and connectedness to channel energy, transform conflict, and find meaning through symbol and action. 
The creation of Kairos began in 2019, and was supported by the BC Arts Council, Dance Victoria’s Residency Program,The School of Contemporary Dancers – Intern Program and private supporters.
This much anticipated premiere marks Cooke’s return to the Victoria stage since 2015.

Noble Riot and Dance Victoria are committed to welcoming diverse audiences and making our performances accessible by offering:

  • FREE Childcare: on-site for the Friday 7:00pm show (*please email [email protected] by May 24, 2023 to register).
  • Family Focused Performance: Saturday 1:00pm matinee – *bring your little ones to any show, at a reduced rate!
  • Financial Accessibility: We have kept all our tickets prices as low as possible.
  • Gender Neutral & Wheelchair Accessible Washroom.