BODYTRAFFIC Photo: Tatiana Wills

2022/23 Performances

Dance at the Royal Series

Join us for our 2022/23 Dance at the Royal subscription season. Find out the benefits of becoming a subscriber.

Dance Theatre of Harlem. Photo: Rachel Neville
Ballet Edmonton. Photo: Nanc Price

Special Performances

In January, Bygones by Out Innerspace Dance Theatre will be presented at McPherson Playhouse. In April, see Ballet Edmonton accompanied by Victoria Symphony in a new commissioned work.

Rough Cuts • Studio Showings

Experience the west coast’s most innovative dance artists up in an intimate studio environment. Free and informal, performed under work lights and without costumes or make-up, watch works-in-progress followed by meaningful discussions with the artists. Find out about the year’s Dance Days Rough Cuts showings. Sign up to eNews to stay up-to-date.

Kemi Craig Rough Cuts showing. Photo: Tracy Smith