Lines Ballet. Photo: Chris Hardy

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Your contribution will sustain us as we continue to grow. Your contribution will be acknowledged in our house program and newsletters (and in our hearts.)

What the day owes to the night by Compagnie Hervé KOUBI. Photo: Olivier Soulie

Celebrate Generosity

COVID-19 has impacted almost every aspect of our lives and we are so grateful for your support through this time of crisis. Every contribution that you make to Dance Victoria matters and is appreciated.

Half/Cut/Split by Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. Photo: Sharen Bradford

Our Sponsors

Sponsors are community partners that ensure we can bring the World’s Best Dance to Victoria and foster the best dance creation locally.

Petite Cérémonie by Ballet BC. Photo: Michael Slobodian

Donor Benefits

Join our community of support and help fund Dance Victoria’s strength and success. Discover our donation opportunities and the benefits of each.

Nutcracker by Ballet Memphis

Nutcracker Kids Program

Help us bring the holiday classic, Nutcracker, to our community for FREE! Please consider donating to Nutcracker Kids so more children can access this holiday presentation.