Shamel Pitts | TRIBE in BLACK HOLE - Trilogy And Triathlon. Photo: Delaney Greenberg
Shamel Pitts | TRIBE in BLACK HOLE. Photo: Delaney Greenberg

Shamel Pitts | TRIBE

BLACK HOLE – Trilogy And Triathlon

  • 7:30pm
  • New York
  • Shamel Pitts
  • Shamel Pitts
  • Lucca Del Carlo
  • Sivan Jacobovitz

A trio of Black performers shares the stage in a narrative of unity, vigor, and unrelenting advancement. Their journey originates in the darkness of the titular BLACK HOLE, understood not as a cosmic void but a metaphorical place of transformation and potential. Engulfed in an evocative soundscape of original music, sound samples, and spoken word, the dancers embark on an hour-long, uninterrupted journey in movement in which their tenacity and grace are emphasized by cinematic video projections and stark, monochromatic lights.

The work is curiously stylish and sincere, glossily cold and tender. Always visually striking, it’s never dull.

*Program subject to change.

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