Chrystal Dance Prize

CDP Projects • Application Guidelines


The Chrystal Dance Prize – Projects supports exceptional dance research and/or creation between a Western Canadian dance artist, artists, collectives or companies and an international dance artist or artists (interpreter or choreographer).

The prize is open to any dance artist, collective or dance company that:

  • Is currently active in the professional dance milieu
  • Has worked with a range of dance artists and/or dance companies and has a history of dance creation
  • Has a home address in western Canada (MB, SK, AB, BC, YT)
  • Is making application as an independent dance artist or as a member of a small collective or an established dance company

In 2020, Dance Victoria will allocate a total of $40,000 to the Chrystal Dance Prize – Projects program. The Prize money may be disbursed across multiple projects or could be awarded to one project. The Chrystal Dance Prize can include a residency at Dance Victoria Studios. Victoria accommodation, studio rental and (if required) technician, will be supported from the total prize money. The remainder of the Prize will be provided to the artist to support artist fees and other costs.

The Chrystal Dance Prize panel will also consider projects that have a longer timeline (2 or 3 year development process) through the allocation of a multi-year award. Please indicate if you expect your project to be spread across more than one year. If a multi-year award is approved, the panel will require that the proponent provide a brief report at the end of the first year and a revised (if necessary) timeline and goals for the second and/or third year. The proponent will not be required to “re-propose” unless its original proposal has changed significantly.


The Chrystal Dance Prize – Projects proposal is a two-step process.


Proponents for the 2020 Chrystal Dance Prize – Projects must complete an online Expression of Interest no later than 5:00 pm, Thursday, October 15, 2020.

In addition to the Expression of Interest, you will be required to forward a letter/email from the international artist(s) involved in your project/research confirming their commitment. Ensure your collaborator clearly identifies you and your project in his/her email to prevent any confusion.

PLEASE NOTE: Receiving a Chrystal Dance Prize in the past does not disqualify you from being awarded another prize. In fact, you can be awarded a second prize for the same proposal.

COVID-19: Dance Victoria recognizes working side by side in a studio with an international artist(s) may not be feasible in 2020/21. In your proposal, you will be asked to briefly explain how you intend to manage the collaboration given current travel restrictions.


A panel of no less than three dance professionals will consider all applications.

In making its choice, the panel will consider:

  • The overall presentation of the proposal.
  • Is the project exceptional?
  • The quality of the artists involved.
  • The potential for a presentation by Dance Victoria at a later date.

The panel will develop a short list from the initial submissions and will ask short listed artists to provide additional information (STEP TWO) before making a final decision. PLEASE NOTE: The panel may elect not to award a prize in a given year if the projects submitted are not considered exceptional or ready for support. If the panel does not support any projects in a given year, the Chrystal Dance Prize funds will be re-invested for allocation in future years.

Applications and commitment letters must be emailed to [email protected] and must be received by Dance Victoria no later than 5:00 pm, Thursday, October 15, 2020.

Questions? Contact Dance Victoria Executive Producer, Stephen White at 250-595-1829 or [email protected]

The prize is funded through an annual disbursement from the Chrystal Dance Fund held at the Victoria Foundation. Learn more about Dr. Chrystal “Betty” Kleiman.