Welcome to Dance Days 2020

Jan 31 – Feb 7, 2020

Find out about all Dance Days events on our calendar here including FREE classes at studios all around town.

During Dance Days, now in its 11th year, local studios offer free adult dance classes in all kinds of styles: ballet, ballroom, dance roller skating, efunk and more; see new professional work in development by Victoria and Vancouver artists; participate in discussions and roundtables; and meet and mingle with artists and dance presenters.

One of the highlights during Dance Days is the opportunity to see new works-in-progress (aka Rough Cuts) by some of the west coast’s hottest dance artists and choreographers. These informal performances are presented at the Metro Studio Theatre under work lights and without costume or makeup. All performances are followed by informal discussions where the artists answer your questions about the work that they’re creating.

Rough Cuts • Metro Studio Theatre + Intrepid Theatre Club
January 31 + February 1, 2020.
Details below. RSVP required.



Presenters’ Roundtable • McPherson Playhouse
Saturday, February 1, 2020  11:15am Details below. RSVP required.

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo • Royal Theatre
Tuesday, February 4, 2020. *One performance only*
Direct from New York City, this playful and entertaining skewed view of traditional ballet is a perfect, polished parody of the highest order!

Kidd Pivot’s Revisor • Royal Theatre
February 7 + 8, 2020
On the final weekend of Dance Days 2020, we present Kidd Pivot’s Revisor, a contemporary dance theatre work by Crystal Pite and Jonathon Young, creators of the international sensation Betroffenheit. Revisor’s premiere sold out in Vancouver. Don’t miss this fascinating dance theatre hybrid that was commissioned in part by Dance Victoria and several local donors.

Dance Days 2020 Rough Cuts

Josh Martin, Billy Marchenski in John. Photo: Chris Randle
Josh Martin, Billy Marchenski in John

Rough Cut: John (Excerpt)

Friday, January 31 • 3:30 – 4:30 pm
Metro Studio Theatre

Choreographer: Helen Walkley
Performers: Josh Martin, Billy Marchenski
Composer: James Maxwell

John is a memoir of Helen Walkley’s oldest brother John who disappeared from Vancouver in May 1969, never to be heard from again. Walkley sourced from family letters dating from 1959 to 2010, which document the years leading up to his disappearance, his medical history, and the subsequent tracking her parents did of his disappearance. He was 23 at the time and Walkley was 13.

Helen Walkley is a contemporary dance artist in Vancouver who has also lived and worked in the Netherlands, Germany and the U.S. She is a certified Laban Movement Analyst and has an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies from SFU. Numerous Artist in Residences have supported her work and most recently at Vancouver’s Dance Centre. She has an ongoing collaboration with composer James Maxwell and has performed with improvisation artists Peter Bingham, Lin Snelling and Marc Boivin.

Want to attend? RSVP to rsvp@dancevictoria.com with “John” in the subject line.

Alexis Fletcher, Andrew Bartee in A+A. Photo: Cindi Wicklund
Alexis Fletcher, Andrew Bartee in A+A

Rough Cut: A + A

Friday, January 31 • 5:30 – 6:30 pm
Metro Studio Theatre

Choreographers & Performers: Alexis Fletcher, Andrew Bartee

Having spent years practising their craft with high-level company settings, Alexis and Andrew are compelled by duet work as both creators and viewers of dance. Their relationship is the primary starting place for this work, and they are interested in how structure and relationship inform one another. They spent a month in residency at Dance Victoria Studios in September creating this work and exploring its thematic principles and physical vocabulary. They are interested in the ways their conceptual ideas can be distilled and grounded in their bodies and are dedicated to a durational process to create a rich choreographic landscape. The first incarnation of the piece premiered at the Chutzpah! Festival Vancouver in November 2019.

Alexis Fletcher is a dance artist, independent choreographer and producer, and has danced with Ballet BC for the past 14 years. Since its inception in 2015, she has also co-produced and curated a multidisciplinary, grassroots performance series at her home with her husband Sylvain Senez, entitled The Dance Deck. They present original multi-disciplinary works by established professional artists. Andrew Bartee is a dance artist, maker and educator based in Vancouver and Seattle. He has danced, created and toured nationally and internationally with Ballet BC, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Whim W’him, and Kate Wallich + The YC.

Want to attend? RSVP to rsvp@dancevictoria.com with “A + A” in the subject line.

Dance Days 2019 Presenters' Roundtable
Dance Days 2019 Presenters’ Roundtable

Presenters’ Roundtable 

Saturday, February 1 • 11:15 am
McPherson Playhouse Lobby   |  Free 

Join facilitator Dr. Allana Lindgren and guest artists in a lively and enriching conversation. Attended by local dance artists and visiting dance presenters and open to the public, this roundtable promises to provide unique insights into the life of a dance artist.

Limited capacity. Want to attend? RSVP to rsvp@dancevictoria.com with “Roundtable” in the subject line.

#MMIW by Lindsay Delaronde. Photo: Elowynn Rose
#MMIW by Lindsay Delaronde

Rough Cut: #MMIW

Saturday, February 1 • 2:00 pm
Metro Studio Theatre  

Choreographer: Lindsay Delaronde & Indigenous Women’s Performing Arts Collective
Performers: Lindsay Delaronde, Cheryl Henhawke, Nicole Mandaryk, Elowynn Rose

What happens when four Indigenous women come together in a dance studio? Curiosity brought us to explore Indigenous stories of injustice in the realm of movement. Exploring social justice through arts practice, we co-create a shared vision healing violence through dance, performance and storytelling. We stand together to hold space between the murdered and missing and to the invisible women. We embody the in-between space of life and death and advocate for the ones gone and lost.

Lindsay Delaronde was born and raised on the Kahnawake reservation and has lived on Canada’s west coast for 13 years. She is a multidisciplinary artist and facilitator of traditional workshops and holds a Masters in Fine Arts and in Indigenous Communities Counseling Psychology from the University of Victoria. Indigenous Women’s Performing Arts Collective is a group of Indigenous women that come together to explore dance, movement, and storytelling. Their collective practice is centered in Indigenous worldview, social justice art, land-based and place-based knowledge. The collaborative practice is held by a council of Indigenous women gathering story, igniting the fire of truths and knowledge to be embodied. They gather to heal intergenerational and historical trauma from the impacts of colonization. Through their bodies they liberate, restore, reclaim and resist.

Want to attend? RSVP to rsvp@dancevictoria.com with “#MMIW” in the subject line.

Sujit Vaidya, Arun Mathai in OFF CENTRE. Photo: Paul Elliott
Sujit Vaidya, Arun Mathai in OFF CENTRE. Photo: Paul Elliott

Rough Cut: OFF CENTRE (Excerpt) 

Saturday, February 1 • 4:00 – 5:00 pm
Metro Studio Theatre 

Choreographer: Sujit Vaidya
Performer: Curtis Andrews, Arun Mathai and Sujit Vaidya

OFF CENTRE reflects upon multiplicities of existence and negotiations to find connections within oneself. Reflecting on the disorientation of immersing himself in the ideas of an ancient art form while living in today’s world as a gay man, Sujit Vaidya creates this work from a deeply personal space.

Sujit Vaidya is an independent Bharatanatyam (Indian classical dance) artist in Vancouver and has performed in Canada, U.S., Europe and India. He uses Bharatanatyam as a language to reimagine traditional texts and contextualize them in ways that are relevant to him as a gay man living in today’s times. He finds it important and urgent to question the narrative and relevance of non-inclusive traditional texts. Vaidya was the first South Asian artist to receive the Vancouver City’s Mayor’s Award for Best Emerging Dance Artist in 2010.

Want to attend? RSVP to rsvp@dancevictoria.com with “OFF CENTRE” in the subject line.

Angela Mousseau, Kelly Hobson
Angela Mousseau, Kelly Hobson

Rough Cut: New Works

Saturday, February 1 • 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Metro Studio Theatre

Choreographers: Angela Mousseau, Kelly Hobson
Performers: Ellie Bishop, Ted Littlemore, Esrael Haile
Soundscape: Jaye Watts

Angela Mousseau and Kelly Hobson were selected to participate in a two-week Choreographic Lab intensive at Dance Victoria Studios this past summer with Artistic Directors Justine A. Chambers and Susan Elliott. Mousseau and Hobson had participated in a previous Choreographic Lab and used this opportunity to deepen the skills and tools they accumulated from that experience. For Dance Days, Hobson and Mousseau will share works they further developed from the lab.

Angela Mousseau is a 2002 graduate of The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA where she majored in modern dance, studying with choreographers and dancers from The Paul Taylor Company, The Limon Company, PHILADANCO, Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, The Martha Graham Dance Company, Koresh Dance Company, Momix and many others. Angela has performed in Philadelphia and New York Fringe Festivals and with The Next Stage Project (directed by Jana Hicks) and AKRNYM Dance Company in New York City. She also appeared on the MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Gardens, NYC in 2003. She has been commissioned by studios and companies across the United States and Canada and is on faculty at Dansko Studios, Boston Dance Collective, Westcoast Performing Arts Academy, the Victoria Academy of Ballet, and is the resident choreographer of Convergence Contemporary Ballet.

Originally from Vancouver BC, Kelly Hobson is a dance artist, choreographer, teacher, actor and musician with credits that include Action Review Atomic Vaudeville, Harpo Marx Animal Crackers Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre, ROMP!, Bounce Dance Cabaret and nine years as a performer and choreographer for the Atomic Vaudeville Cabaret. In 2015 Kelly stepped into her role as Artistic Director of the Victoria School of Contemporary Dance. In the fall of 2017 she founded the contemporary dance company, Dance Berserker Dance, with whom she presented her first full-length work in May 2018.

Want to attend? RSVP to rsvp@dancevictoria.com with “New Works” in the subject line.