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Chrystal Dance Prize

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Since 2010, Dance Victoria has supported western Canadian dance artists through its Chrystal Dance Prize for artist training and exceptional projects. The prize is funded through an annual disbursement from the Chrystal Dance Fund held at the Victoria Foundation. Learn more about Dr. Chrystal “Betty” Kleiman.

Chrystal Dance Prize – Training
2019 winners

On June 24, 2019, Dance Victoria was pleased to announce support for dancer Mikaela Kos from Nanaimo who is studying dance at Palucca Hochschule fur Tanz in Dresden, Germany. Mikaela will be entering her second year in September. Her previous training includes a year at the National Ballet of Canada’s school in Toronto. Dance Victoria awarded $3,000 towards her tuition. Dance Victoria will also support Briana Del Mundo from Calgary, who is studying dance at The Juilliard School in New YorkBriana’s previous training includes three years with The School of Alberta Ballet. Dance Victoria also awarded $3,000 towards her tuition.

The Chrystal Dance Prize – Training supports young dancers completing their training at an international dance institution. Learn more about the 2020 application guidelines and submission procedure.

Chrystal Dance Prize – Projects
2020 winners

This year, the Awards Committee of Dance Victoria selected two artists from a Fall 2019 competition, committing a total of $30,000:

Victoria-based David Ferguson has been awarded $20,000 for his project, LUCKY MAYBE, with South Korean artist Hoyeon Kim. Ferguson was the winner of the 2016 Chrystal Dance Prize for his project We Are Diamonds. Vancouver based Julianne Chapple has been awarded $10,000 for the Pathways Project, working with Palestinian artist Sahar Damoni. The Pathways Project explores individuality, freedom and intention from a female perspective, but from two vastly different cultures: Chapple as a multidisciplinary artist living in liberal, urban Vancouver and Damoni as an Arab feminist living in repressive Shafamer in the Galilee. Read the full media release here.

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Ballet class warmup at DD2015

CDP - Training | 2020 Guidelines

The Chrystal Dance Prize - Training supports young dancers completing their training at an international dance institution. Applications for 2020 will be accepted beginning March 2, 2020.

Candace Gordon

CDP - Training | 2020 Application

Online submissions for 2020 will be accepted here beginning in March 2, 2020. Deadline for applications is April 15, 2020.

Vanessa Goodman & Belinda McGuire in The Other Half. Photo: Ben Didier

CDP - Projects | 2020 Guidelines and Application Procedure

The deadline for the 2020 Chrystal Dance Prize - Projects has passed. You can read about 2020 guidelines and submission details here.

Chrystal Kleiman

History and Previous Winners

The Chrystal Dance Prize is named for Dr. Betty "Chrystal" Kleiman whose bequest to the Victoria Foundation in 2009 created the prize that Dance Victoria awards on an annual basis.



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